General conditions



TOP KANAREN is a website that acts as an intermediary in rental agreements for properties between private clients (hereinafter “users”) and owners of private accommodations (hereinafter “owners”). In no case TOP KANAREN provides touristic services or acts as a travel agency or as a tour operator.

TOP KANAREN reserves the right to modify any time the presentation, the design and / or the configuration of the website. The availability of the website can also be temporally suspended because of commercial, technical and legal reasons, or due to proper reasons from Internet. However, we are committed to solve mentioned setbacks as soon as possible using all methods to our disposal.

The use of this website implies full acceptance of the following general conditions, which can be changed without prior advises. Therefore, we recommend the user to read them carefully every time they use this website.


  1. Services

TOP KANAREN offers private accommodation owners the opportunity to advertise their properties in our website, providing all the information and photos in relation to the property, in order that users can proceed to book rentals for a season. The service from TOP KANAREN ends with a rental confirmation between a user and an owner.


  1. Procedure

The user selects an accommodation for the indicated dates, sending a rental request through our website. The owner confirms the request or reserves the right not to accept it. In case of acceptance, the user has got the possibility to make the correspondent prepayment by credit card or by bank transfer. In this moment, the rental agreement will be formalized between the user and the owner and is binding for both parties and the owner will contact the user for the details (arrival time, etc.).


  1. Payment

The user has to make the payment of the rental value, plus the management fees from TOP KANAREN by credit card or by bank transfer within 7 days, once he receives the rental confirmation from the owner. The rest of the rental value and the extraordinary expenses have to be paid in cash by arrival, if the owner does not provide any other form of payment in his description.

If above mentioned payment is not been received within 7 days, the owner will not be bound to the rental agreement anymore and is free to rent his property to someone else.


  1. Cancellation

If the user cancels a rent because of any reason he will lose the deposit that will be paid to the owner for damages.

       The owner has also the right to claim the following cancellation fees directly from the user:

Up to 15 days before arrival       cancellation free of charge

Between 14 days and  1 day before arrival or No Show    100% from the rent price


Of course, the 15% charged by TOP KANAREN has to be deducted.

     If the cancellation is produced by the owner (double rents, etc.), the payment of the rent

     have to be refunded.                                        



If the user wants to make any consultation about a property, he has got to press the button of "contact" and not the one of "rental request”, because this does not create any bond of agreement.


  1. Terms for the owner

The owner undertakes to make an accurate and detailed description of his accommodation, to publish real and recent photos and to inform the users about any changes in his property or in the area. Also, he always has to respect his rental conditions that are published in our website for the users.


  1. Terms for the users

The user agrees to care and to maintain the property in the best conditions and to respect neighborhood norms. In case of any damage or abnormality in the accommodation, the owner has to be informed immediately to repair it. Damages caused by the user, shall be repaired by him. Claims made after the rental period will not be taken into consideration. The property has to be always left in good conditions.


  1. Responsibilities

In no case TOP KANAREN is involved in the rental agreement and is not responsible for the content that has been published freely by each property owner, who is exclusively responsible for the description of his property.

TOP KANAREN reserves the right to decide about the publication of the properties.


  1. Newsletters

TOP KANAREN will inform the users about all the news and interesting information. This can be stopped anytime by request of a user.


  1. Use of the website

Any other use beside the purpose of this website is absolutely forbidden. That means that it is only aloud, for private owners to announce their accommodations and for the users, to request and to book rentals.

It also undertakes to:

- Provide real details about the identity of the person that makes the rental request and the exact number of persons to occupy the accommodation.

     - Over 18 years of age

     - Not to use the website or the content for commercial and / or dishonest purposes.

- Not to copy, sell, disclose part or all the contents, designs and / or information published in the website.

- Maintain respect and good manners in the mails and in the publication of comments for accommodations


  1. Applicable Law

The Applicable Law for the conditions of use and other legal conditions of the website is in all of its parts within the Spanish Law.